Portobello Market - Fashion at Portobello


Portobello Road - The Fashion Market

Probably due to the influx of the young and beautiful and the sometimes not so young or beautiful but filthy rich into the Notting Hill area, the whole fashion scene at Portobello has exploded.

Fashion stalls are spread around the market, so if you're hard core you'll need to do the whole stretch...

Starting in the Antiques area, out of the 42 official street stalls, 3 of them are now selling vintage bags, another vintage lace, two more costume jewellery and another vintage fur coats (your choice - i'm not one to judge) so that's a good start.

On the corner of Elgin Crescent, just before the end of the antiques section there is an arcade with rails and rails of quality vintage clothes - so even more to chew on.

For the next block or two there are meagre pickings, some clothes stalls but mostly of the I've been to London T-shirt types - however I'm not one to be snobby and some of these traders are quite inventive: I bought some boxer shorts recently which had Portobello written accross them in the style of the fake Kalvin Kleins (not that I know anyone who trades that kind of thing), anyway I though they were cool.

However once you get down to the Westway you are back in business, this is recognisable by the concrete flyover above your head which is the motorway into central London! This is a whole area known to some as the fashion market where second hand clothes dealers stall out side by side with young designers who are trying to get their clothes out there

Now you've got this far, you are close to the home run!! just one stretch of the market left ... the second hand section of the street market, which runs down Portobello road from Cambridge Gardens to Goldbourne Road, this area is packed with stalls in the summer but more sparse in the colder winter months, not all are clothing, there are sundry other stalls but enough to be worth checking out if you are keen.

This site is focused on the Market Stalls but there are a host of shops down the street selling shoes and fashions ... many of the big designers have realised the potential of the area and can be found here too - I won't list them all but as a taster ... Paul Smith, Joseph and Myla, more and more open every year.

Basically if you can't spent all your money and more on the clothes and accessories around here, then you are either (a) impossible to please, so don't come asking me for a date!! or (b) have a large trust fund which has been soundly invested.

There are several distinct sections of the market ...

Also of course ... these tips could be handy